About Wayne Davids

Wayne Davids is a multi-genre author living on the Delmarva Peninsula, in Maryland. Nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean it has been called the land of pleasant living by many far and wide. Wayne has published a small book of poetry as well as featuring a short story in another anthology. He is currently working on a multi-volume fantasy project as well as a paranormal one. 

Finally he is the creator of Dinlas, God of Hate & Jealousy who enjoyed immense popularity in an online magazine format where Wayne was not only a regular contributor but also an administrator and the Director Of Continuous Improvement. He stepped down in September 2020 to focus fully on his writing.

When Wayne isn’t writing he is most often enjoying his time outdoors, be it marsh, woods, or field, enjoying the beauty around him.

Enjoy looking around, check out the blog, and we will always be updating as more new thing happen.



The Original God of Hate & Jealousy

The God of Hate & Jealousy has lived a long time, and has plenty to share with immortals and mortals alike.

The Quest for the Codex


And more …


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